Herbal Medicinal Oil for Nasal Problem - Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail

Herbal Medicinal Oil for Nasal Problem - Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail

The philosophy of Ayurved focuses on good health, prevention of illness, and treatment of illness through lifestyle practices (such as massages, meditations, yogas, and dietary changes) and herbal remedies. In this article, we were going to discuss various nasal problems and its remedies using Herbal Oil Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail.

Holistic medicine is the hallmark of Ayurvedic medicine. In Ayurveda, the mind and body are seen as one unit. In addition to treating physical complaints, Ayurveda helps maintain or improve a person's health by modifying lifestyle practices.

As a direct route to the brain and as a portal to consciousness, the nose is seen as an essential element of Ayurveda. Through the breath, prana enters the body and is transferred into the body. Unobstructed breathing is crucial to ensuring the proper transmission of prana throughout the head and body, which has a ripple effect throughout the body-mind. Excess bodily fluids should be removed through the nose when they accumulate in the sinuses, throat, nose, or head areas. A traditional herbal oil for the nasal passages which is nourishing and nurturing can assist with the cleansing process. The ayurvedic company makes such oils. Baidyanath Patna is one of the best ayurvedic companies that is known for its best ayurvedic products, and one such ayurvedic product is Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail  for these types of nasal/nose problems.



In addition to moisturizing your nose, soothing and protecting nasal passages, relieving sinus congestion, releasing tension in your head, and easing accumulated stress, we recommend Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail for sinus. It is one of the best ayurvedic products for the Sinusitis treatment. Traditionally said to balance Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail is also known to strengthen vision, maintain mental clarity, and improve the quality of voice.

Nasya oil's unique combinations of Ayurvedic herbs and oils define their purpose and tone. Some are more nutritive, while others are more cleansing. All of them combined make Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail. Thus, it is one of Baidyanath's best products. There are a few oils that can be used daily, including Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail, which is formulated using traditional Ayurvedic methods and infused with herbs that support the mind, respiratory system, and prana channel.

This formula's effectiveness is enhanced by the synergy of the herbs. Sesame oil and olive oil are used as the base for these herbs. Oil is a substance that lubricates and moisturizes along with being an anupan, or a carrier substance for the herbs, which means it carries their properties deep into the tissues.

Through its penetration of the nasal passages that ultimately treats post nasal drip, sinus headache, nasal congestion. Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail is the best ayurvedic product for sinusitis treatment. It cure all kinds of sinus related issues. It is used for sinus infection treatment, paranasal sinuses, sinus rinse, nasal septum, sinus pain, sphenoid sinus, post nasal drip treatment, deviated nasal septum, polyps in nose, acute sinusitis. Ayurveda's Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail is one of the most renowned Nasya oils.



Baidyanath Shadbindu tail’s key Ingredients are Erandmool, Rasna, Dalchini, Vidang, Sunta, Yashtimadhu, Bhangra ras, Ajadugdha, Eucalyptus, Brahmi/Gotu Kola, Skullcap and Calamus.

 With its ability to support breathing and mental clarity, eucalyptus is known all over the world for its ability to boost both the respiratory system and the brain. In addition to being extremely soothing to the nervous system, Brahmi/Gotu kola also supports the smooth flow of prana throughout the body. Brahmi/Gotu kola also promotes mental clarity and intelligence. With its grounding and centering properties, skullcaps promote calmness and awareness. Calamus, also known as Vacha, is used to help bring clarity to the mind and to rejuvenate it. It is not clear if it is safe for use internally in the US, but it is safe in herbal oil, such as Nasya, and can be applied topically. Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail comes with immense benefits.


Some of the uses of shadbindu tail ingredients:

  • It treats chronic sinusitis, nasal decongestant, maxillary sinus, sinus pressure.
  • Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, it helps fight nasal and sinus infections
  • It can help control septal deviation thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties
  • We also recommend shadbindu oil for nasal polyps.



Shadbindu Nasya Oil penetrates our mind, nervous system, and channel of prana to our very consciousness. We will be now explaining how to use Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail.


Process of using Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail

  • Lay comfortably on your back while tilting your head back with your nostrils open toward the sky.
  • You can either put a small pillow beneath your neck or hang your head off the edge of a bed while you are lying down.
  • Add three to five drops to each nostril.
  • Drop by drop, you can apply the oil to the inside of the nostril, coating the membrane thoroughly.
  • Sit for a few minutes with your nose closed so that you can allow the oil to penetrate inside the nose.


Regular uses of Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail will give relief from sinus in people of all age and gender. However, you may consult a vaidya before starting the use of it.

Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail can also be applied this way if lying down is not convenient:

  • On the little finger, place a drop of Nasya Oil and carefully insert it into the nostril.
  • Massaging the nasal passage with your fingers is very effective.

After you have applied Nasya oil to each nostril three times, alternate right and left nostrils